Become a Butterfly Hero

We are currently out of seeds, but you can still pledge to be a Butterfly Hero and receive for tips on planting your habitat garden.

Planting milkweed restores critical monarch butterfly habitat and is one of the easiest ways that each of us can make a difference for monarchs.

There are several dozen species of milkweed plants native to North America, including those featured in the Garden for Wildlife milkweed and monarch-focused plant collections.

Pledge to be a Butterfly Hero and save $5 on Garden for Wildlife Native Plant Collections!

Be a Butterfly Hero


monarch butterfly perched on milkweed stem

Schools, scouts, nature centers, places of worship, and other community groups, along with families, are encouraged to pledge to help monarch butterfly populations.

Over the last five years, over 200,000 pledges have been received to help restore monarch butterfly populations by planting milkweed that monarchs need to survive and thrive. This represents more than 850,000 individual heroes. Join the movement and take the National Wildlife Federation’s Butterfly Heroes pledge to help save monarchs!

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