Giant Darner Dragonfly

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Giant Darner Dragonfly

Anax walsinghami

Status: Not Listed

Classification: Invertebrate


Off all the types of dragonflies in the United States, the giant darner dragonfly is the largest. Most people identify the dragonfly by its size and abdomen. The abdomen has a slight downward curve and is covered in large, bright, metallic blue spots. The abdomen makes up more than two-thirds of the dragonfly's body.

The other two segments on the giant darner dragonfly's body are its green head and thorax. Together they make up less than a third of the total length of the dragonfly. On top of the thorax are two sets of wings. The wings are clear with black structural veins throughout. In total, the giant darner dragonfly can grow to five inches (13 centimeters) long with a five-inch wingspan.


Giant darner dragonflies inhabit the U.S. Southwest. They're often seen around ponds, streams, and marshes.


These dragonflies eat a lot of smaller insects that we consider pests, such as mosquitoes.

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