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Host Plants by Ecoregion

You can buy native plants at annual native plant sales, held by your state’s Native Plant Society, nature centers and habitat programs at select affiliates of the National Wildlife Federation. More and more independent garden centers and nurseries are carrying native plants as well.

Note: Never collect native plants from the wild, as it can diminish these populations and damage ecosystems.

Host Plants for Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars

The caterpillars of butterflies and moths feed on the leaves of native plants. Each species has its own caterpillar host plants. Without host plants, these important and beautiful insects cannot complete their life cycles and their populations decline.

Discover the host plants that are native to your ecoregion. Click on the full map to see which state your ecoregion resides. Then click on the ecoregion header to retrieve your list.

map of terrestrial eco-regions of North America

Ecological Regions of North America
(Published by Commission for Environmental Cooperation)

Native Plant Finder

Bring your garden to life! Enter your zip code to discover the best native plants, attract butterflies and moths, and support birds and other fauna. An indispensable tool, based on the research of Dr Douglas Tallamy of the University of Delaware and in partnership with the United States Forest Service.


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