How to be grateful for something and walk away from it.

Artemis says farewell to Ashley Chance...

  • Ashley Chance, (former) southeast program coordinator for Artemis Sportswomen
  • Jun 13, 2023

I don’t know how to structure this – I’ve never been that good at writing coherently. It’s on my list of things to work on. I’m leaving a role that has been a dream during some pivotal moments in my life and in the world. My job as the Artemis Southeast Regional Coordinator saw me through becoming a mother during the height of the pandemic’s uncertainty. It brought me friendships that I had searched fruitlessly for, for years. Co-workers that I can’t begin to describe in their full awesomeness. Work that was aligned completely with my personal values. 

And now, I find myself walking away. Walking towards something to be sure, but still having to look over my shoulder at what used to be. It’s strange. I’m sure anyone reading this can identify with the feeling – we’ve all been in the position of leaving at some point in our lives. 

Artemis is more than a group, more than a community. It is the embodiment of empowerment. For women that hunt and fish sure, but really for anyone who doesn’t feel like there is a space just for them in a pursuit (or let’s be honest – lifestyle) that they are driven towards. To be a part of Artemis is to raise your hand and say “I want to grow, I want to share my knowledge, I want to give to something bigger than me”. That’s powerful stuff, and that is what I’ve had the privilege of being immersed in for that last 2.5 years. Artemis would not be what it is without all of the authentic, dedicated, and badass women that have called, or do call themselves Ambassadors. They are the beating heart of this program and what has allowed us to reach across a nation with just 2.5 staff members. If you are an ambassador reading this – thank you. If you are anyone else, reach out to an ambassador and find out how you can plug in to the community they are building. As I said, its powerful stuff.

Mother and daughter outside.

Watching the program grow from afar will be, to quote a co-worker, “bittersweet chocolate”. In life it seems timing is everything. This is my time to cheer from the bleachers rather than be on the ice with a stick. For anyone that didn’t land with - hockey is a normal sport where I grew up. 

My next official role is with Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever as their Hunting Heritage Program Manager. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned as part of Artemis and apply it in a new (but similar) capacity. Until next time, be bold, stay curious and get outside! 

-Ashley Chance

Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever recently hired Ashley Chance as the organization’s hunting heritage program manager. Chance will manage all of Pheasant Forever and Quail Forever’s hunting heritage programs, including Learn to Hunt and Learn to Shoot events, as well as the Hunter Mentor Pledge — a partnership between Pheasants Forever and ALPS OutdoorZ that works to educate, advocate, and inspire hunters from all walks of life to create responsible future conservation advocates. All these programs are designed to help youth and adults interested in hunting do it responsibly. By connecting the dots of conservation, ethics, and hunter engagement, Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s authentic experiences provide opportunities focused on quality events with relevant outcomes. Learn more here!

Mother and daughter afield.

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