Hunters and anglers are critical players in the fight to combat climate change. See our report here about what’s at stake and how hunters and anglers can get engaged.

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Vanishing Seasons

Sighting in on a Renewable Future: Hunters and Anglers Steering Renewables Development in the Right Direction

Our climate is changing. Hunters and anglers know this as well as anyone. We are perhaps the closest firsthand witnesses to the changes in seasonal patterns, animal behaviors, and habitats due to our intimate connections with the lands and waters we hunt and fish.  Our time afield has earned us a perspective and understanding of what a changing climate means to our wildlife heritage.

The consequences of climate change are more evident every day and are undoubtedly having an impact on hunting and fishing. Our intimate knowledge of the lands, waters, and wildlife of our nation calls on us to be a keystone voice in the efforts to combat negative climate change impacts. It is our duty to safeguard the places we rely on. And as we assume this duty, we will also must play a key role in ensuring that the transition to renewable energy sources is done in a sustainable manner that does not sacrifice our nation’s fish and wildlife or degrade hunting and fishing opportunities. We know that we can have fish and wildlife, and clean energy, but not without direct, informed engagement by those of us who know these invaluable resources so well.

NWF Outdoors is taking up this critical challenge and leading through advocating at every level and by illuminating and amplifying sporting voices in the discussing surrounding climate change and the transition to renewable energy. Browse this page to learn how hunters and anglers can, and are, protecting the fish, wildlife, and landscapes that support our sporting traditions, and how you can get engaged to ensure a vibrant future for these amazing resources.

Wind and solar development on our lands and waters will be part of the transition to clean sources of electricity, but we have to be smart about how we do this. Doing so responsibly and with wildlife protection at the core is vital to NWF’s work ensuring we preserve our land and water for generations to come.

How do hunters and anglers reap the benefits of cleaner air and water, and healthier landscapes for people and wildlife while deeply engaging and working to conserve and protect natural resources from possible negative impacts? 

Hunters and anglers know as well as anyone the negative effects of climate change and how fish, wildlife and their habitats need special consideration when developing any resource. 

This film explores what and how we in the sporting community need to consider and do as our nation begins a huge new build out of renewable energy sources. 







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Our public lands and waters, the habitat fish and game rely on, need to be part of the climate solution. We need policies that support stewardship, through conservation and restoration, to take advantage of the climate benefits our forests and lands provide. By protecting natural systems we can increase resilience to climate-fueled droughts and wildfires, protect wildlife habitat, and ultimately reduce atmospheric carbon pollution. Visit to learn more.

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